My Baby Daddy

When I was pregnant, and before many people knew, I’d tag photos of my husband with #whothatis from that 90’s song “My Baby Daddy” because, that’s just who I am and it was a fun secret between us. “Who that is? That’s just my baby daddy!” My husband was a father from the moment he […]

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day has been weighing heavily on my heart. I knew it would be a difficult couple of months for us. May and June are filled with anniversaries (is that what you call them even if they’re not joyous?). 1 year marks of things that happened which at the time were filled with joy. First doctor’s […]

Time Wounds All Heals

I was going through our calendar and I found “Baby” as an event on June 3rd.  It took me some time to process it. It wasn’t an entry I’d made, and I was the midst of trying to organize our life, I was in work mode. I wasn’t expecting it. Then it hit me like […]

My funny Valentine(s)

I’m sort of a sucker for romance. Or at the very least, a sucker for cutesiness. In the last few years I’ve been really into Valentine’s Day, and all the cuteness that comes with it. Pinks, reds, purples, hearts and heart-shaped things everywhere, candy, sweets, baked goods and lovey dovey mushiness for mushiness sake. Plus an […]


Precious Angel, Today was supposed to be your birthday. The day you would have been born, the day they told us to expect you. To expect a tiny pink, swollen,sleepy, ball of mush and love. You would’ve had mommy and daddy’s dark wavy hair, thick like daddy’s. Mommy’s eyes with daddy’s long lashes. His dimples, […]

Christmas, through grief and joy.

Merry Christmas! I hope that you are all are surrounded by love, laughter, comfy fluffy blankets, jammies, and puppies. Or is that just my family? Whichever way that you are spending it, I hope it is treating you right and that you are at peace. It is no secret that this has not been an […]

Ay Oh! Ay Oh! I hope you weren’t waiting long…

How am I already bad at this blogging business?! It’s been over a month since I’ve written a post. As I shared on my Instagram (found here)  recently it’s not for lack of things to write about, it may be just the opposite actually, so many things have gone on in the world in the past month, and […]


The day I started bleeding heavily, the day we found out our baby’s heart had stopped, I did 2 things. First, I texted the small group of people who knew I was pregnant and told them what had happened and was happening. I think I wanted to get this “out of the way” so that […]


The set up of this blog is still a work in progress, but as I get ready to attend my first Remembrance Day event, I wanted to let all mommies and daddies who’ve lost a baby know that I am thinking of you. Thinking of us all today and my heart is with you. We lost […]