My Baby Daddy

When I was pregnant, and before many people knew, I’d tag photos of my husband with #whothatis from that 90’s song “My Baby Daddy” because, that’s just who I am and it was a fun secret between us. “Who that is? That’s just my baby daddy!” My husband was a father from the moment he […]

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day has been weighing heavily on my heart. I knew it would be a difficult couple of months for us. May and June are filled with anniversaries (is that what you call them even if they’re not joyous?). 1 year marks of things that happened which at the time were filled with joy. First doctor’s […]

My funny Valentine(s)

I’m sort of a sucker for romance. Or at the very least, a sucker for cutesiness. In the last few years I’ve been really into Valentine’s Day, and all the cuteness that comes with it. Pinks, reds, purples, hearts and heart-shaped things everywhere, candy, sweets, baked goods and lovey dovey mushiness for mushiness sake. Plus an […]