The day I started bleeding heavily, the day we found out our baby’s heart had stopped, I did 2 things. First, I texted the small group of people who knew I was pregnant and told them what had happened and was happening. I think I wanted to get this “out of the way” so that […]

Sour then sweet. Life and me.

Hi! I’m Claudia! I am 35 years old living in Los Angeles (adjacent) with a very sweet and supportive husband of 5 years and 2 dogs, Prince and Ralph. Prince is an old man Maltese and his arch nemesis Ralph is a rambunctious Maltipoo from the streets of East LA. I am a crazy dog […]


The set up of this blogĀ is still a work in progress, but as I get ready to attend my first Remembrance Day event, I wanted to let all mommies and daddies who’ve lost a baby know that I am thinking of you. Thinking of us all today and my heart is with you. We lost […]