The set up of this blog is still a work in progress, but as I get ready to attend my first Remembrance Day event, I wanted to let all mommies and daddies who’ve lost a baby know that I am thinking of you. Thinking of us all today and my heart is with you.

We lost our baby 4 months ago, and it still hurts just as it did then. We hope to find strength in community tonight, and my hope is that this space can provide that for someone else who may be suffering and feeling alone, be it from this or another difficult moment in life. Reaching out and speaking out helps. Let’s help each other break the silence.

Mama and Daddy love and miss you, our sweet little Blueberry Baby.


Remembering Our Babies – October 15th

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    1. I have one on the inside of my arm! A blueberry as well, that I got shortly after our loss. Thank you so much for your kind words, I hope so too <3

    1. Love you. I appreciate you being with me so much, even through your own pain. That’s what makes you such a wonderful person, friend, mama, wife, sister, daughter, etc. etc. etc. So fortunate to know you.

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